Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 Years

It's not all that often that I post things on my blog that are personally sentimental, but today is an important day, because today signals an entire 10 years since my mom passed away. I was a senior in highschool when, after a few years of fighting cancer, my mother lost the strength for the battle.

She was an amazing woman--strong, creative, musical, funny, a great writer--although, a lot of that I truly had yet to see since she passed before I was done being a horrible teenager who didn't care enough to learn. And that, I'll always regret.

This is a photograph of my mother and I when I was young. In our photo album, she had penned next to it, "My favorite picture of me and Jennifer".

Here's to living life to its fullest.



  1. I remember those last few weeks with your mom like they were yesterday - in some ways it seems like it can't be 10 years already but in some ways it feels so much longer - we miss her dearly.

    Everytime she wrote a letter she always signed it "keep on smilin'" - I see her spunk and beauty in your smile always!

  2. This is a nice tribute to your amazing mom. A beautiful woman who was called too early. She is missed.

    Reading your description had me nodding that you're just like her. Strong, creative and funny!